Break on Through to the Other Side

December 16, 2019- by Steven E. Greer, MD

This was the day. I finally “broke on through to the other side” and realized that, if I pulled the club through impact instead of pushing it, I would transfer weight properly. Gracefully pull the hands by turning the torso.

As a flipper, there has been an imaginary glass wall preventing me from turning the torso in advance of the hands. So, I was sticking to the right, hitting it fat or thin, flipping and releasing at the last second.

In the nick of time, with only two-weeks left in 2019, I might have achieved the swing I was chasing all year. Now, it is time to fine tune this baby.

(Bonus tip: Use a damn tee when you hit irons on the range. If you are working on something new, the second you hit a fat shot, your range session is over. Your brain will kick into safe mode and it is impossible to learn a new move.)

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