How to find the coveted top-of-the-swing slot

September 5, 2019- by Steven E. Greer, MD

I have struggled for 35-years with the backswing. Since starting the Golf Project three-years ago, I have made great strides, but I knew that I was still doing it wrong. I hated the backswing and rushed it. Then, I had to compensate to make contact with the ball. I was doomed from the moment I started moving the club.

A recent session with Warren Bottke made me aware that I was not folding my right arm to get the club to the top. This created a very flat and abbreviated swing. That placed my shoulders out of sync with the hips and the delicate stack of gears became a jumbled mess.

A week later, I think I have the solution that anyone can do. It is easy.

First, tilt your spine about five-degrees to the right. I do this by making my left arm come into the same straight line as the club shaft. Professor Bottke calls this the “Y” position.

To start the backswing, use only the hips to twist back. Keep the arms motionless in relation to the trunk. It is a robotic feel. This gives that single-unit triangle that everyone talks about, which has the wrists and club-face in the proper position.

The goal of this “Stage 1” is to get the club shaft horizontal and parallel to the target line. When you sense that out of the corner of your eye, or just know it from practice, then comes Stage 2.

To get a nice full backswing, with the shaft going into the slot, for that effortless feel, you then start Stage 2 with lifting the club upward by flexing the right bicep and extending the right wrist (also flexing the left wrist). Don’t be afraid to take the club up vertically, close to the head. Your left shoulder should cover your chin at this point.

If you do this, at the top of the swing, your shoulder plane will be properly pointing down toward the ball. This sets you up so nicely for a good transition and downswing.

In the videos from today, you will see me doing this with pauses. Then, I proceed to a fluid swing. It is the best ball contact I have ever made with irons. With the full backswing on long clubs, I am beating the you-know-what out of it with ease.

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