Never doubt the Carbone

May 1, 2020- by Steven E. Greer

I posted a story last year called Never Doubt the Bottke, where I discussed, essentially, how Warren Bottke was right and I was wrong. Well, I did it again. This time, I lost faith in Jason Carbone, only to be proven wrong.

Last November, Jason put me through the Mike Adams tests and diagnosed me, among other things, as a jumper rather than a spinner. He wanted me to be more like Tiger, or even Lexie Thompson. I liked the idea because I had already been toying around with flexing my knees in the downswing as a way to turn the hips.

Well, as so often happens with me, I either forgot about his recommendation or thought I was smarter. I do not recall exactly why I strayed away.

Fast-forward six-months: I have been studying carefully my hips and my inability to transfer weight to the left side. I have tried everything. Then, I recalled the Carbone input.

In desperation, I tried flexing the knees into the downswing and then jumping to complete it. It instantly worked. I felt like an idiot for not doing this all along.



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