Review: Nike Dri-FIT golf shirts

September 29, 2019- by Steven E. Greer

Golfing is becoming harder to do as the climate warms. The humidity is creating dangerously high dewpoints, making your ability to cool via evaporated sweat less possible. Meanwhile, the sun is bad for the skin, and people are looking for ways to cover up, increasing the heat exhaustion risk.

I have been searching for optimal golf clothing. For shirts, I purchased some Bonobos brand polos, but they were very hot and suffocating.

I then purchased some of the latest Nike shirts seen on the top players. I am not a fan of the globalist company, so I did this reluctantly.

The Dri-FIT series is pretty good. It feels like light breathable cotton but has the elasticity of synthetic fibers. I have Nike shirts from 2017 that are floppy and heavy, like old polyester. The Dri-FIT are much better. The polos cost $75.

Now, I am looking for long-sleeve golf shirts to protect from the sun. If you know of any sources, please post a comment.

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