The backswing is overrated

May 31, 2020- by Steven E. Greer

My new comfortable swing, which is an abbreviated backswing and a focus of staying covered over the ball and I beat the crap put of it, worked on the real grass range. I cycled through the bag with one Moe Norman stripe after the other.

My 9-iron went 195-yards into a slight wind. My 5-iron went 220-yards. Watch the film of that 5-iron. That is some impressive action second to no tour player.

I had never hit a driver with this new swing, but I eventually got an average club speed of 118-mph. My little poor-man’s-Trackman, the mevo, is inaccurate in calculating total carry, but I know I carried several at least 280-yards based on laser.

I don’t care about distance. I am thrilled that I can consistently make ball contact. I might be able to start getting some real rounds under my belt.

It is interesting. This “new swing” is really the swing I used since age 12. I am simply turning my hips more at impact so I am no longer flipping. I have proven over the last four-years that I have plenty of flexibility to go past horizontal int he backswing, but I feel more comfortable with a short aggressive swing.

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