The best Golf Project tips

Updated April 18, 2020– by Steven E. Greer

I made a ton of progress this year after moving to Florida to be nearer the best teachers and year-round golf.

However, it was not easy. I quit the game for about a day, and almost quit a second time.

The challenge for me was to erase the decades of bad habits hardwired into my brain and change from a flipper to a proper body turner. I have asked the best teachers in the world whether they have ever seen someone like me really make progress and they have not.

So, how did I do it? For one, I threw out all conventions or norms and approached the Golf Project with an experimental and rational mindset. No dogma was sacred. I challenged it all.

I rely on multiple swing advisors. That is a bit unusual. But mostly, I had to experiment on my own until I found the “feel” that achieved the “real” movement I needed.

The following are the best tips that I have to offer. They worked for me and will probably work for others as well.

The most important tip I have is that you have to film yourself on the range and review the swing after a few shots. My lightweight $15 tripod is the most important club in the bag. You will never understand how dramatically different the feel of a swing is from the actual appearance of the swing unless you film it.

Then, the following blog posts are what I have condensed into my essential list of tips:

How to Learn and Practice

Addressing the ball and grip

The Backswing

The Transition

The Downswing



Nutrition and Exercise



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