The Secrets to Brooks Koepka’s Swing

August 11, 2018- by Steven E. Greer, MD

The secret to Brooks Koepka’s swing is that he uses the wrists to “tame the shaft” He flexes the left wrist to get the club to the top of the swing, which then makes it easier to start the shaft down on a flat plane.

The flat plane moves the clubhead backward a huge distance (see video below), which gives the torso and hips more time to turn and clear. This creates a stable spine axis and clubface path to the ball that results in very solid ball contact and reliable shots with power.

Update November 20, 2018- There is another crucial secret to this modern swing exemplified by Brooks Koepka. From the front view, once can see that his right elbow stays close to the ribs and then crosses inward toward the belly button or belt buckle. This is absolutely essential for maintaining the center of gravity, avoiding sticking to the right side, and allow the shoulders to make a complete turn through impact.

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