I challenge Andrew Putnam from 100-yards in

June 20, 2020- by Steven E. Greer

I only recently began using this long-range version of the Greer greenside flop. I am stunned at how consistent and automatic I am. No exaggeration, I more often than not stake it to about 10-feet from 100-yards (at least that is what it looks like from a distance).

It made me think. The top-5 best PGA Tour players average 10-feet from 75-100 yards. I can compete with that. I can then compete with the best on tour in putting.

Interestingly, Andrew Putnam is the best putter and wedge player on tour (why is he not winning more?). I would like to challenge him to a game of up-and-in from 100-yards.

There needs to be a Par-3-course TV tour. All of the excitement comes from approaches and putts.

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