The Greer 100-yard finesse wedge

May 26, 2019- by Steven E. Greer

I played The Legacy from the tips and filmed it. This course has hosted numerous regional U.S. Open qualifiers. It is a Fabio-design and challenging due to the elevated greens.

I used this gadget to clip onto my golf cart and hold the iPhone. I will learn to film better by driving the cart to be positioned behind the ball.

I started with a birdie by holing out an impossible Greer flop. I was 10-feet below the elevated green.

The next hole was a Par-5. I hit a 325-yards drive. Then, I hit a pure 5-iron from 200-yards, into wind, onto the green. I lipped out an eagle for birdie to go two-under after two.

I thought to myself that I could compete at the US Open.

But alas, my old nervous short and fast swing came back. It was ugly to watch.

This was the first round I have played in months. I will learn to take my range swing to the course soon.

I had one more birdie at the end. I hit a perfect 56-degree wedge from 90-yards. It bounced into the cup but hit the flag and spun backward. However, I sank the 15-foot putt for birdie (see end of video).

The only bright spot was my wedge play. Upon reviewing the film, I realized that I use the same Crysler-finesse-wedge swing all the way out to 100-yards. My left arm only goes back to horizontal. I have a closed stance to minimize the hips and prevent coming over the top. Somehow, I get the same distances as I would with a bigger backswing, and I am deadly accurate.

So, I can score well when given the chance, but I rarely give myself a chance.

Stay tuned.

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