Turning the Corner with Pelvic Sway

February 15, 2021- by Steven E Greer

Inspired by the five rabid squirrels in my backyard that will relentlessly pursue their nuts, and ingeniously come up with solutions to get to those nuts, I think I have cracked this nut of golf.

First, I figured out what it feels like to have a proper shoulder plane turn. I did that in January.

Then, I explored ways to get the hips to “turn the corner”, or make a full turn. I tried various ways to force it. I found that squatting in the transition helped. But then I remembered what Warren Bottke told me two years ago, and I tried to simply slide the pelvis towards the target as I turned the pelvis. This time, it worked.

None of this worked previously because I had too many serious other flaws. Also, I simply did not have the right practice facility. I did not have a good hitting mat set up. It was unsafe to hit outside for more than five minutes due to the heat and humidity. I could not even endure a full-hour lesson with Bottke. I had to try to do 30-minute sessions and so forth because I was overheating. It was impossible to get anything accomplished.

Anyway, after quitting golf about four times, I persevered. Here I am, closer than ever.

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