Why Tony Romo is approaching the game wrong

September 28, 2019- by Steven E. Greer

Yet again, former NFL quarterback Tony Romo was given a sponsor’s exemption to play in a real PGA tour event and missed the cut badly. His public failure is something that all golf instructors and students should study. A lot can be learned.

When I look at Tony Romo’s swing, I see myself about 12-months ago. It is remarkable how similar his swing is to my former swing. I think he is making the same mistakes that I made for 35-years.

First, let’s analyze his swing. Tony Romo swing creates a very unreliable club path to the ball. It requires good timing to pull it off. He can occasionally do this and hit it well. But the majority of the time, he misses it badly.

His backswing is all wrong, creating shoulders and hips that fight one another. He starts the backswing too far inside, creating a very flat plane, just like I used to do. This causes his own torso to get in the way and stop his swing halfway back. That is a terrible feeling and causes anxiety and panic, which leads to his fast tempo. I know exactly what he feels when he starts the swing. It is ugly.

His downswing is pretty good. He transfers weight and gets good body turn. But his backswing has him coming down too far inside, which creates instability in the club face at impact. He is trying his best to salvage the swing, but he is handicapping himself.

Tony Romo’s swing is like a Vegas slot machine. It is unreliable and occasionally pays out. This keeps the sucker coming back for more.

However, Tony’s good hand-eye coordination lets him putt and chip better than average, occasionally. But for anything over 50-yards, he is not as good as he thinks he is there either. He is highly inconsistent with wedges due to poor form.

I have a strong suspicion that Tony Romo has not realized yet how bad he really is. He only remembers in his mind the good shots. He is surrounded by TV media who praise him. He has a big ego. He thinks that he can play golf because he was a professional athlete in others sports.

I know exactly what he is thinking. I have been there and done that. I was the worst at remembering only the good shots. I would get angry at the bad shots because my ego told me I was too good for that.

Tony Romo undoubtedly has plenty of golf instructors. But he does not know how to use them, I suspect. I seriously doubt that he told any of them that he wants to start from a clean slate. Instead, they are trying to put Band-Aids on a bad swing.

I also suspect that some teacher somewhere has measured and fitted him, then told him that his short backswing is caused by his anatomy and flexibility. It is not. He could have a full backswing if someone showed him.

But that is easier said than done. It took me three-years to understand the backswing. Warren Bottke only recently gave me the final pieces to the puzzle.

Tony Romo will never solve this riddle of golf because he does not even know he has a problem. His cadre of yes-men and own ego are getting in the way.

If Tony Romo wants to ever improve, he must first realize that he has a terrible swing now (by pro standards) and needs to throw it out. He must learn the swing better and understand why he double-crosses drivers and chunks 70-yard wedges.

But I doubt he has the mental makeup to do this. It starts with being humble, and Tony Romo is an arrogant TV star and former NFL QB.

One thing that haunts me still is recalling back to when I thought I was a good golfer because I could occasionally be streaky and play well. My arrogance led to extreme frustration more often than not. I do not think I was ready to learn golf until recently. I was not mature enough. I did not understand psychology enough.

Most professional athletes in other sports are narcissists who think they can also play golf. Their belief that they are “natural athletes” who can play golf is their fatal flaw.

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