Did I just find a cure for Flipper Syndrome?

September 26, 2019- by Steven E. Greer, MD

I am a lifelong flipper on a mission to exorcise those demons if its the last thing I do. I have made progress since 2016, but I have stagnated.

It is always the same thing that goes wrong: I am afraid to transfer the weight to the left side. It is like there is an imaginary glass wall preventing me from posting to the left leg.

Well, some important developments have happened. First, Warren Bottke helped me get the club to the top in proper position. That finally allowed me to work on the downswing.

He tried to get me to feel his arm-piston drill that he taught Brooks Koepka. I know what he was going for, but I had too many problems. My Flipping Syndrome was too strong. I was hopeless.

So, it was “doctor heal thyself” again. I began studying the recent young guns on tour who flex their legs in the downswing. I worked on that indoors for about five-days. As I was doing that, I felt my torso falling down to the ground more. I liked it.

I then started to work on my downswing as a torso move, ignoring the legs and hands. To me, it felt as if I was throwing my heavy torso down to the ground. I then refined that by thinking about my right pectoralis turning to bump into a boxing bag.

Try the drill I demonstrate in the video. If you are a flipper. It might help.

The results for me are stunning. I am getting ball contact like I have never had before in my life. There is an explosion in the dirt and the ball shoots out like a bullet. With the longer clubs, I am keeping my balance and turning the shoulders properly. It is surreal to watch the videos. “That’s me?”

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