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November 24- Carrying the Arizona progress back to Florida. These are probably the best swings of my life. You can here the swoosh of the proper club path. I LOVE the right foot planted and pushing into impact as the hips get maximum clearance. I want to be called Gringo Trevino.

November 21, 2020-

November 8, 2020- Huge breakthrough. I am putting together the left arm pulling feel with the right elbow pushing feel.

October 23, 2020- I have always had trouble getting a good squat in the transition and staying over the ball. Well, today, after seeing the Como Expedition episode with Terry Rowles, I pivoted around the left leg. I can now get some good Viktor-Hovland-like squatting action. Look at my bent right elbow at impact too.


October 15, 2020- After a couple of weeks of consciously and mechanically working on the moves described below, I am letting it rip without thinking about it. I find the trigger of a  full-backswing right before I hit the ball to be useful.

October 9, 2020

September 23, 2020- Here’s me stripe-flushing 10 seven-irons in a row with ease. I finally found “my swing”. I do this with ease and no anxiety. I figured out which muscles should be the focus of my attention for the start of the swing, completion of the backswing, and then to twist downward into impact.

September 20, 2020- To get these high hands and full shoulder turn, I visualized flexing the right scapula muscles to get the final coil. For the powerful balanced lower body in the downswing, I am visualizing twisting the feet against the resistance of the ground

September 1, 2020- Now, I added left leg external rotation, or the Sam Snead move.

August 30, 2020- Great progress with simply thinking about flexing the right groin muscles as I snap the left hip back with the external rotators. This hip stuff is something I have never focused in before. I now think it was the root of all of my problems.

August 15, 2020- 85% fairway accuracy with good smash-factor. So, I was able to take the range to the course. I got the full-swing-yips with the irons though. Stay tuned.

August 14, 2020- better drivers, but the hips are still not turning properly. Stay tuned.

August 13, 2020

August 8, 2020

June 25, 2020- I am working on the proper hip rock and spine tilt

June 9, 2020- I am adding ulnar deviation to right wrist extension and getting great results.

June 4, 2020- This Precision Impact gadget was a breakthrough for me

May 31, 2020- I never could get the swing below to feel natural. I am sure it could have after a lot of work. But I decided to use this swing above and i had great success. The abbreviated backswing prevents me from coming over the top and I lose no distance.

May 25, 2020- The new swing is getting more natural to me.

May 24, 2020- The Greer vectors epiphany

May 23, 2020- Spine tilt

April 8, 2020- I am working on getting my right gluteal region past the mid-line, towards the target, at the top of the swing to offset the forces of the club that want to pull us to the right. To help clear the hips in the downswing, you will notice that I lift the left toes and spin on the left heel.

February 12, 2020- I found a new level of speed today. I could swing extremely hard and not have my shoulder gear tilt and get out of sync.

February 11, 2020- The drill below is working. My spine angle is much better. This is Tiger v Me front view. I am not turning the body in the follow-through, as you can see from my hands. I will work on that and get even better positions at impact.

February 10, 2020- Doing a drill to avoid the Deadly Dip (i.e. immediately tilting spine to the right, dipping shoulders, instead of turning shoulders around a stable upright spine-axis). I passively uncoil from the top to feel in my feet and see the position of the left arm out of my peripheral vision. This is biofeedback. I pump a few times then complete a swing at half-effort.

February 7, 2020- I am learning so much from studying the football throw. The torso and chest have to open up more. In other sports, our left hands are not tethered to the right hand, so opening up is easier. I golf, we have to fight this left arm.

February 6, 2020- We can learn so much by analyzing the arm and torso motion of throwing a football.

February 2, 2020- Alright, alright, alright. I am getting this to become a natural swing by visualizing heaving a heavy medicine ball down the line. All of the nice hip and body turn is automatic thanks to our vestibular system.

January 26, 2020- The mechanics learned from the drills, below, are becoming part of a natural swing by visualizing the hands. The rest of the body follows the hands. In the video above I am not thinking about the hips, legs, or shoulders, and yet they are all moving properly. That is the magic of our vestibular system.

January 25, 2020- by Steven E. Greer, MD

I decide today to debut my new swing for 2020 that I have been working on for months. I devised drills to isolate the transition and get the right upper arm to stay tight. I do this by extending the shoulder (i.e. pulling the right upper arm backward against the ribs) and extending the right elbow (i.e. straightening the arm and lowering the hands).

It seems to have worked. This is the first time that I have gotten such good weight transfer to the left side. With a tight right arm, I am not getting pulled to the right by the forces of the club.

I have some more work to do. But these balls were flying off the club like bullets.

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