PGA of America joins the fascist efforts to take over the United States

January 11, 2021- by Steven E. Greer

So, now we know how the consortium of Wall Street, Big Tech, individual billionaires, China, and other states conspired to take over this country. That explains how such a scumbag like Seth Waugh, former Wall Street CEO and enabler of Jeffrey Epstein, has stayed in control of the PGA of America. He has been working hard against Trump.

Meanwhile, we have uneducated and naïve players, such as Rory McIlroy and Brooks Koepka, being told by the hand that feeds them, Nike, to disavow ever having played with President Trump. Folks, you need to dump your Chinese Nike attire.

Update August 15, 2023-

A PGA professional sent me this:

So, my phone started ringing this morning and I’ve had a few phone calls and text from PGA Pros and even a national golf writer because PGA of America HQ just gave the hatchet to 22 headquarters staff and let them go because there’s a $6 million budget deficit. That is such a freaking joke. It’s ridiculous. They spent 35 million and a lot more on that new headquarters and it’s like a ghost town because nobody’s in there. They had all these people pick up their families and move from Florida to Texas and within a year they let them all go. We can add this to the Seth Waugh expose and for a so-called financial guy he’s doing a piss poor job if all of a sudden they’re 6 million in the hole.

Did PGA of America CEO Seth Waugh help Jefferey Epstein while CEO of Deutsche Bank?

Banking regulators start investigation into PGA of America Seth Waugh’s former Deutsche Bank for doing business with a pedophile

The PGA has lost its way

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3 Responses to PGA of America joins the fascist efforts to take over the United States

  1. PGA pro says:

    That was such a bullshit statement. I’m embarrassed

  2. LB says:

    Boycott Nike. Boycott ANYTHING that does not support TRUTH and LIBERTY.
    I’m not a fan of “boycotts”, but it’s time.
    The term didn’t make it into the lexicon for no reason.

    “By any means necessary”

  3. joe plummer says:

    we need to do the same to them. boycott Seth Waugh et al. how do we boycott the PGA of America but not the local pro?

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