Taking new swing thoughts to the range after indoor practice

July 7, 2019- by Steven E. Greer, MD

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After several days of doing nothing but indoor air swings (videos below), I ventured out to hit real golf balls (video at top).

I started with little half-swings and punch shots. This is crucial. Do NOT try a full swing. You will fail.

The punch shot, where you try to never release the club, keeping wrists cocked after impact, is a good way to feel the proper torso turn after impact, as opposed to the early wrist-flip.

I love my backswing now. It is not only good form, but it feels easy and natural. The revelation for me was to think about pushing the hands high to the sky.

I still need to work more on trusting to turn the torso more after impact rather than flipping the wrists and releasing the club.

All of this progress is taking place less then a week after my Warren Bottke second lesson. When incorporating new swing movements, I strongly urge you to swing indoors without a club. Then, progress to a club. Then, do the above on the range with golf balls. If you try to go straight to a full swing, your old neuropathways and bad habits will kick in.

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One Response to Taking new swing thoughts to the range after indoor practice

  1. Warren Bottke says:

    Wow!! You got it. I think it’s was just a matter of time to clear your head…

    We are definitely on to something great!

    See you soon


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