I think I finally figured out the swing after seven years of The Golf Project

October 8, 2022- by Steven E. Greer

Since I started this Golf Project in 2016, there have been many times where I thought I had solved the mysteries of the swing, only to go out to the golf course and be brutally disappointed. That is why I quit golfing several times.

It is also one reason I have not played golf at all this year. I have gone to the range almost daily, but I have never played a round. My Instagram friends have started to wonder about me.

I did not want to prematurely go out and ruin a work in progress. If I could not reproduce a good swing at least three or four times in the golf range, then I knew I had not solved anything. (However, the main reason I have not golfed has been due to a family medical issue.)

Well, it was a beautiful blue-sky Fall day today and the golf course was empty. On a whim, instead of hitting range balls, I went out to the course for the first time this year. I had zero warm-up shots or putts. I played speed golf.

To make a long story short, I think I fundamentally fixed my swing and understand it now. I was hitting drives like I have never hit before.

It took me a lot longer than I thought it would, but I actually achieved my goal of this Golf Project. I figured out how to swing a golf club properly at age 54.

I cannot believe the club speed I am getting with proper form. Keep in mind, not only have I not golfed all year, but I stopped lifting weights in a proper gym too. I have not bench-pressed or squatted this year. I just do hotel dumbbells. It is not affecting my speed. I am legitimately carrying the ball 290-yards. My iron club speed is still 5 to 10-mph faster than the average tour.

More importantly, I am deadly straight. I can hit pretty much every fairway. When I miss, it is not some big curvy miss or double-cross pull. It is just a straight push.

My total driving distance today ranged from 300 to 353 yards. It depended on the strong wind.

My putting is still my competitive advantage. I have not hit putts all year. With no practice putts before the round, I sank a 40-footer for birdie and a 20-footer for par. My wedges from 120-yards in are pretty sharp too.

Fortunately, I am still in good health and I can compete with anyone of any age. That means when I turn 55 next year, I should be quite competitive in USGA senior events.


  • Hole 1- I hit it 300-yards. It was poorly hit and I used a pause swing. I had no warm up balls.
  • Hole 2- I hit the face well, but I missed the fairway with a straight push.
  • Hole 3- Par 3- Thin 7-iron.
  • Hole 4- I hit another slight push and missed the fairway.
  • Hole 5- I hit it 330-yards into the center of fairway. I was getting warmed up.
  • Hole 6- Par 5 downwind- I hit it 353-yards (with a nice 4-iron onto the green)
  • Hole 7- Par 4, uphill and into the wind- I hit it 310-yards. I lifted my head on the 114-yard wedge but made 40-foot birdie putt.
  • Hole 8- I hit it 326-yards.
  • Hole 9- Par 3, 230-yards- I hit accidentally a nasty little beautiful stinger with a 5-wood to pin high. This was a new one. My swing is definitely much different now.

Recreating my path of a 310-yard drive that led to a birdie.

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2 Responses to I think I finally figured out the swing after seven years of The Golf Project

  1. Derrick Hunter says:

    Dr. Greer,

    First off Congratulations on this page it looks amazing. You will be helping many golfers.

    I have been so fortunate to have had direct access to you this year!! When I started following you I was a 16.8 Handicap. I paid a few monthly memberships, but wasn’t gaining anything, getting flustered and started to question what these pay sites were really doing!

    Until I found your teachings, I was a mess lol!!

    I remember seeing your video of an eagle with the quote “where the eyes go the body goes”.

    Your videos and dialogue are thought provoking and always interesting. I truly believe if you have a determined mind you can achieve most anything at a very high level!

    Long story short, I’m now playing to 8.7, and credit much of my success to your Instagram feed and messages.

    The time, energy and thought you put in is incredible!

    Best of luck when you start competing!!

    Thank you for all you do!!

  2. golfproject says:

    Thank you so much

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