Chipping Drill: Don’t look at the ball after impact

August 28, 2019- by Steven E. Greer, MD

I have been studying why I mishit very short chip shots. I realized that one has to keep a rock-steady head, just like a putt. When we are fearful of putting or chipping, we flinch as we hit the ball. We are afraid of the horrible tactile feedback from the bad shot.

Try this drill. Do not look at the ball after impact. Keep the head down. You will overcome these flinches. You will hit the sweet spot on the face and chunk it less.

This also works on sand shots as well. After having so many bad experiences from the bunker, we develop huge head movement at impact from fear. Stare at a spot behind the ball and do not look up after impact.

Don’t forget the other basics too. You need to be the proper distance from the ball with good posture. Avoid being too close and hunched over.

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