How I achieved my swing goals in 2021

November 23, 2021-

November 12, 2021- I cracked the The Da Vinci Code

October 22, 2021- by Steven E. Greer

Well folks, I think I finally achieved my swing goals today. Look at the side view from the swings today. I look remarkably like Adam Scott.

Speaking of Adam Scott, this what led up to this swing you see today:

In January or so, I decided to just figure out how the damn hips moved. I spent a couple of months studying the hip joint physiology, and that helped me (Hint: It is OK to sway.)

I thought I had figured it all out. However, I got a rude awakening when I purchased this new stiff-shaft Titleist TSi3 driver. I realized I was still flipping the club. I almost acted like a spoiled child and blamed the club. But I manned up and was determined to fix my damn swing. I threw everything out and went back to the drawing board.

Then, an obscure little video I saw by Adam Scott talking to someone in a restaurant gave me an idea. He said that the feeling you need is the elbow coming around higher up on the chest in a more horizontal fashion. I realized that I had this problem of the right shoulder dipping.

But nothing I did could fix it. That is because my upper torso was still way off. Keep that in mind.

In August, I visited George Gankas out in California and he diagnosed a couple of things. I realized that my left leg was becoming straight and rigid too soon, which was preventing me from turning. That made me think again about how to turn the pelvis.

(Listen to George immediately spot it)

By this time, I pretty much knew what my problem was. However, it was so frustrating because I could not fix it. I was still missing something.

Then, in October, I started to study these elite catapult swings of Drew Cooper and Milo Lines. I remembered the Adam Scott comment above and I started to try to pull the right elbow around higher up. But it still wasn’t quite working.

I tried this “Greer vertical drill” (stand straight up and turn as you gradually bend at the waist with each pump turn), which helped a lot.

Then, the final light-bulb to go off in my head was when I looked again at these positions of Drew and Milo at P5. I realized that their shoulders were much more open than mine.

That gave me the idea to pull the entire upper body towards the target as I pulled the right elbow across the pecs, instead of forcing or manipulating the elbow.

That big weird lunging motion of the upper torso is what I’ve never done before. When you do that, the rest of the body automatically works because of the vestibular system.

I spent four days practicing that and it finally worked today.

I am pretty pleased with this swing. I think I finally accomplished what I wanted.

Now, I am going to work on the irons and get this a little more reproducible over the next few days. Hopefully, I can play some golf.

I think this swing will generate 170-mph or faster ball speed, which is plenty enough. I could probably still continue to pursue ultra fast speeds. However, I think that would just start to create a wider dispersion pattern. The shots you see here were laser-straight with about 5-yards left or right dispersion.

With this swing, I am finally getting the hips to turn the corner all the way (see planted right foot at P5 with right elbow in front of belly). The solution was counterintuitive. The problem was not the hips. The problem was the upper torso.


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