Did PGA of America CEO Seth Waugh help Jefferey Epstein while CEO of Deutsche Bank?

Update July 7, 2020- As a result of Seth Waugh’s decision to do banking with Jeffrey Epstein, per below, the bank was just fined $150 Million. meanwhile, no one in the media is touching this as it relates to the PGA of America.

February 13, 20202- by Steven E. Greer

I previously mentioned that The New Yorker detailed how so many smart people looked the other way when it came to pedophile prostitution and Jeffrey Epstein. “The bank (JP Morgan) didn’t extricate itself until 2013; after that, Epstein moved to Deutsche Bank (Seth Waugh was CEO), which kept him on as a client until this summer.”

In the news today is how the Barclays CEO did the same thing. He will likely be fired.

This raises a question. Why is Seth Waugh still running the PGA?

Update August 15, 2023-

A PGA professional sent me this:

So, my phone started ringing this morning and I’ve had a few phone calls and text from PGA Pros and even a national golf writer because PGA of America HQ just gave the hatchet to 22 headquarters staff and let them go because there’s a $6 million budget deficit. That is such a freaking joke. It’s ridiculous. They spent 35 million and a lot more on that new headquarters and it’s like a ghost town because nobody’s in there. They had all these people pick up their families and move from Florida to Texas and within a year they let them all go. We can add this to the Seth Waugh expose and for a so-called financial guy he’s doing a piss poor job if all of a sudden they’re 6 million in the hole.

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