Feel as if you are pulling the club through sand into impact

November 5, 2020- by Steven E. Greer

Wow. I am highly confident that I found the feel for turning the torso properly over to the left side. I can tell you what I have learned over four years.

First, I have tried every imaginable trick to do this. I have forced the right elbow down. I have tried wrist movement in the transition. I have tried thinking about the hips. I have visualized the internal and external muscle rotators in the legs. They all worked, but they were Band-Aids and not addressing the root problem. So, the results dd not last.

The real disease for me, and most golfers, is this fear of letting the torso turn past the ball and toward the target. Our eyes tell us that we have to jab and stab at the back of the ball. This causes us to early release the club as we guide the club to the ball. But that is all wrong.

The way to get that elite impact position, where the right elbow is still bent and the hands are ahead of the ball, is to think as if you are pulling the club down the line. The ball just gets in the way of the club dragging. Look at the front of the ball too, not the back of the ball.

To start the transition, you have to feel like you are swaying the torso 12-inches to the left. But you won’t actually do that as long as your eyes are on the ball. The vestibular system will maintain a stable head.

I stumbled upon this breakthrough, actually, by trying to do this sand dragging drill you see in the video. I had no intention of making ball contact. But then I started to miraculously make perfect ball contact. It was a “Whoa” moment.

When I started this today, it felt so strange.My brain was telling me that I had no chance of making ball contact.

By the way, when I played a couple of rounds with golf coach Brian Unk years ago (and he shot a 65), I knew he was doing something to get good ball contact. I had a feeling it was what I detailed above. I could see it. I was right. I now know how to get Brian-Unk ball contact.

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