Get the belt out

December 1, 2019- by Steven E. Greer, MD

The Greer Belt Drill really works great. Using your readily available belt, put it around your right upper arm to prevent your instincts to early release and flip.

Start with slow motion check swings where you do not release the wrists at all. It is important to not try to hit the ball more than 50-yards. After 20-of those, you will notice that you are swinging faster without trying. I got up 114-mph club speed without trying.

Don’t fight the belt. The ideal follow-through has the elbow tight to the belly, which is under the belt. But most people want to separate and break through the belt before impact. When this happens, the body stops turning and you get an aborted swing.

So, get the belt out to finally feel what the elite players feel.

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