How Cameron Champ swings so fast

Update September 18, 2019- The Golf Channel featured Cam Champ tonight. The host, Sean Foley, tried to explain the secret to his swing speed, but he seemed unaware of the real kinesiology behind his swing.

Foley made no mention of the forearm and wrist movements that flatten Champ’s shaft plane, thus allowing for faster body turn with less resistance torque. I explain more below, and in the video above (which has 10,000 views so far).

February 8, 2019- by Steven E. Greer, MD

I learned about Cameron Camp yesterday. Apparently he is taking the golf world by storm. He is the longest hitter, with clubhead speeds in excess of 130-mph. Teachers can’t seem to figure out his secret.

Well, I can tell you exactly what he is doing. He is supinating the right wrist and pronating the left, to an extreme degree, in the transition. This flies that right elbow down to lead the swing, which gives tremendous leverage when the right forearm releases and throws the club. It is a throwing motion.

At the top of a swing that goes past parallel, this supination move turns into more of an ulnar deviation feel.

His lower body turn all comes naturally as a consequence of these hand actions. Our vestibular systems are amazing autopilots. Cam Champ is not thinking about tuning his lower body at all. He is thinking about throwing the golf club like Aaron Rogers throws a football.



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