I just hit a 375-yard drive with a beaten up old golf ball

May 28, 2021- by Steven E. Greer

I just hit the longest drive of my life and I’m obviously the oldest of my life right now. I hit a 375 yard drive.

Mind you, I used an old beaten up golf ball I have hit 100 times into the net. The quality of the golf ball matters a lot. I was hitting into a slight headwind. That reduces distance too. Also, I did not hit it perfectly in the center of the face. I toe’d it a bit.

Despite all of that, the ball had to have carried 320-yards. That’s about 30 yards farther than the big hitters on the PGA tour.

I can’t emphasize enough how my swing was not even close to being optimal form. I was using a pause drill, as you see in the video. I paused halfway back as part of a drill. It wasn’t even a full normal swing.

It is no coincidence that I’m also in really good health now. I’ve been going to the gym and eating extra protein. I bought some liquid shake protein drinks that have helped a lot. I was getting tired of making my own smoothies and had neglected my diet.

But it’s mostly just form. Swinging fast is all about how you do it. It is not about brute strength. One of the biggest hitters on tour is Joaquín Niemann. He’s super skinny and belts it.

When I started this golf project in 2016, I weighed about 20 pounds more and could bench press a small house. But my swing speed was ridiculously slow, about 104 mph clubhead speed, because I had such poor form.

Now, I have lost about 30% of my bench press strength compared to then because I stopped going to the gym as much and I only weigh 185 pounds. However, I am getting my arms to swing out in front of me as opposed to getting stuck behind me. My hip pivot is much better too.

Stay tuned.

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