Should your driving privileges be revoked?

September 1, 2019- by Steven E. Greer, MD

The worst things that a bad golfer can do are the following:

  1. Only remember the rare good shots and develop a delusional sense of playing ability
  2. Play from the farthest tees because they think it builds character
  3. Try to kill drives

Yet, these three things are what virtually every male golfer does. As a result, they never get better.

A funny thing happened to me recently. My Ping driver cracked. As I was waiting on the replacement, I was forced to use my Ping 3-wood. I decided to move up to the normal tees to compensate for my 30-yards loss of distance.

This random series of events led me to a great discovery. Staring down at a 3-wood is a totally different psychological situation. There is no longer the need to hit it far. No one cares how far one hits a 3-wood. Using shorter tees builds confidence. Approach shots are more realistic. Also, it makes one better on Par-5’s, since the 3-wood on the second shot is more comfortable.

Playing with a 3-wood, removing the driver from the bag, is a great exercise. You should try this.

I hated my 3-wood and had it out of the bag. I now smack 260-yard shots to Par-5s and routinely birdie or eagle.

Most golfers should have their driving privileges revoked until they can master the 3-wood.

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