The Bottke Arm Piston Drill

July 23, 2019- by Steven E. Greer, MD

I have made a lot of progress in my transition and understanding of the movement that happens with the hips and torso. Now, I need some advanced lessons with the hand work. This is what makes the greats, like Koepka, better than the rest.

So, in my third session with Warren Bottke, he showed me something that I have never tried before, and likely never would have discovered on my own. He pushes down with the right arm as if it were a piston connecting rod. That pumps the left shoulder upward and propels the hips at the same time. It is not a shoulder “turning around” motion, but rather an up and down pumping of the shoulders.

I have been achieving this same body motion by thinking about the body. It as awkward.

Now, I am have come full-circle and am thinking about the hands again. I have long thought that humans can only control the hands with much coordination. Our brains lack the cerebral space to control the trunk, etc. Well, after losing faith in my own lectures, I now think, once again, that I have been correct.

Our lower brain stem (i.e. the vestibular system), not the upper brain (i.e. the cerebrum), amazingly controls our hips and torso automatically if we have the proper intentions with the hands. It is a lot like the Star Wars “force” or meditation. Turn off the brain to get superb results.

Update November 7, 2019- I had too many issues to resolve with my swing to get this to work on the driver. But after taking the Mike Adams tests, I learned how my hips and wrists best work. So, I can now piston down the right arm with my driver, as you see below. Stay tuned. I am not quite there yet.

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