The Greer-Hovland pump drill is a great way to transfer weight to the left foot at the top of the swing

February 24, 2020- I was on the verge of quitting again. Nothing I tried could fix the early stalling of the hip turn that led to the hips thrusting toward the ball in early extension and my spine lifting.

But I remembered a trick today. I visualized sitting down on a stool under my left gluteal muscle at the top of the swing. Another way to think about that is to flex the left knee more than the right knee, dipping the left shoulder, then falling into the transition and downswing.

It worked like a charm. My hips could finally make a complete turn and pivot onto the left leg.

People who understand the swing have been preaching about the importance of this motion for a long time. Jack Nicklaus talks about keeping the back facing the target as long as possible. That is what happens when you get a full backswing and start to load onto the left foot. Modern teachers with foot pressure plates are learning as well that the weight starts to load onto the left foot even as the club is still completing the backswing.

You will notice in the video that I pause and then continue the backswing. Viktor Hovland does this too. Try this pause-pump drill to learn this maneuver. You will be too fearful without a pause because your brain will tell you that you are losing balance.

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