The Mental Sequence: Start the Swing with the Lower Body

May 6, 2024- by Steven Greer

What is the proper sequence? It has taken me 40-years to figure this out. Therefore, I am pleased to see that the two best golfers ever agree with me.

You start the swing below the waist. With me, I really accentuate it by twisting the right hip joint back onto a straight right leg. Sam Snead and Jack Nicklaus were a little more fluid with it and “roll the ankles”.

However, I have seen modern golf teachers start the backswing with their arms. I am not a fan of that. Plenty of professional golfers start with their hands, but they also have a lifelong problem constantly trying to fix their backswing.

In reality, everything happens at the same time. You won’t see this sequence on video. When I refer to sequence, I am referring to what goes on in the brain. What is the thought sequence?

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