Warren Bottke explains key hand movements of Brooks Koepka

July 1, 2019- by Steven E. Greer, MD

I have tried numerous different experiments to get the hands ahead of the ball at impact the way that elite players do. The answer has eluded me.

Today, Warren Bottke (teacher of Brooks Koepka from age 10 to 18) gave me a lesson. He showed me how to move the hands near and after impact. The video explains this in detail.

My vertical follow through and weird right knee action after impact are both symptoms of my arms separating from the body rather than turning around with the torso. This comes from my decades of stopping the body turn early by turning on the right leg instead of the left leg. This forced me to flip the wrists.

The proper swing really never releases the club with the hands. Only when the hands are past the ball and the torso is facing the target is the club forced to whiplash through the ball.

I now finally know what to do. I need to hit a lot of balls to ingrain this.

(Note also in the video how Mr. Bottke (a disciple of Hogan, Snead, Grout, etc.) uses hands-on teaching. That is rare to find in younger teachers. I believe it is essential to demonstrate things to students. They cannot learn if the teacher sits back for an hour, watches Trackman, and spews a few ideas.)


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