Introducing the Greer Center-Pivot swing method

May 5, 2020- by Steven E. Greer, MD

Over the last four-years of this Golf Project, I have been unable to make a nice Tiger-Woods-like modern follow through where I stand up on a straight left leg. I have tried everything imaginable and my head still falls away from the target in the downswing leading to mishits.

Then, I underwent to series of tests invented by Mike Adams. One of them is to test how one’s hips rotate. I was shocked to see how it was impossible for me to turn back and forth over the hip joints. My pelvis has me turning in a centralized rotation, so the sacrum makes a big arc path.

A light bulb went off when I saw 17-year-old Maxwell Moldovan, the current AJGA champion and future Ohio State star, swing at the Ohio high school championships. He did not have that Tiger Woods finish. He seemed to spin around the center of his pelvis.

At the same time, it is becoming appreciated more that the best tour players, such as Justin Rose, lift the left toes and spin on their left heel. So, I tried it.

Instantly, I developed with ease an awesome swing with extreme hip turn and spine-axis maintenance. Then, you guessed it, I gave up on it all and wandered to some other experiment.

Well, I am back to the center-pivot idea. I am perfecting it. I think I will try to play real golf with it.

My goal was to simply keep a stable head and generate consistent ball-striking. This swing does that. And, of by the way, it generates obscene club-head speeds.

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