Now averaging 119-mph driver speed

July 8, 2020- by Steven E. Greer

I forced myself to wake up early and get to the range to beat the heat. I tried out my new Nicklaus swing developed in the home lab (i.e. swinging pelvis past the mid-line with a tilted spine and steady head). I was also trying out my new Titleist 620MB blades on grass.

I had success and could tell that my gears are in sync. I need more work, but this seems to be progress.

I pulled out the FlightScope Mevo. Sadly, it is wildly off. I proved by laser that it under-counts my yardage by 20-ards in the short irons, and likely the driver too. I am not even sure if the club speed is correct.

However, it showed that I averaged 119-mph in the driver now. Some were over 120-mph. I bet that I am actually in the mid-120’s. I do not practice driver at home due to noise, so this was a crappy swing.

I was pleased with my 4-iron. Mevo said 217-yards. So, I think I hit the 4-iron at least 230-yards. That means my form is good. You can’t have a bad swing and hit a long blade.

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