Nicklaus balance drills

September 11, 2020- by Steven E. Greer

I have been struggling mightily this week. For unknown reasons, I froze up like the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz. My backswing was awkward.

Then, something just clicked and I remembered how to move my lower body in the backswing. I exaggerated it to feel the weight transfer to the right foot and then the left foot. I was visualizing Jack Nicklaus.

I was very pleased to learn from this experiment that I do not need to do anything with the wrists to get a flat shaft that comes down into the slot. Simply by pulling left and backward with my lower body, it drags the arms and club down perfectly.

All of this building upon my other recent advances. I am using the left leg adductor muscles to start the backswing (pushing the left knee away from the target), and I finish it by pulling the right hip backward. This raises the left heel without me thinking about it.

I then start the downswing my propelling the left knee around in an arc toward the target. That is left leg external rotation caused by the gluteal, piriformis, and obturator muscles.

For the torso, I am staying down over the ball to let my right elbow clear out in front of me. But the lower body actions described above really help with “staying in the shot” or not lifting out of it.

Off to the range to try this for real.

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