Review: The Precision Impact wrist extension trainer to stop early release or flipping

April 6, 2021- by Steven E. Greer

I dug this gadget out of the closet. It works great for a person with flipper instincts like me.

June 6, 2020- Behold the beauty. I tried some full backswings after using the Precision Impact wrist training aid. It was awkward because a flipper like me does the exact opposite with the wrists as what you see here in this video (a flipped flexes the right wrist instead of extending it). I had to do a lot slow motion swings, but then it clicked.

This wrist action gets the shaft flat at the crucial point of the swing, when the club is horizontal, so the club comes down into impact from inside the target line. That translates into perfect and consistent ball striking.

In addition to the wrist muscle changes, I have to now turn the hips more than ever into impact in order to arc the club around into impact. It looks from by eyes as if I am rotating the club more than my old linear push of the club.

All courses were closed due to rain so I can only show you net hits today.

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