The Greer Putting Arc Drill

January 29, 2020- by Steven E. Greer, MD

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I invented this today off the top of my head to help a golf instructor I know. It seems to work.

Most people make the same mistake with the putter as they do with the wedge. The sticks are so short, and we are so on top of the ball, that we take the club back across the line then compensate with an over-the-top downswing.

Give this drill a try. Rather than placing a tee or immovable object in the backswing as a target, use a movable ball. The goal of pushing the ball away is very friendly to the brain. It also distracts the player from the anxiety of the target.

(However, any drill where you are working on your mechanics should be dine indoors on a perfect surface. the imperfections of the green are distracting.

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