Stop, Drop, and Roll

Update December 9, 2019- by Steven E. Greer

Hitting nothing but driver for weeks got me out of kilter with irons. I really grinded today. After literally hitting 100 shanks and bad chunks, I analyzed why and fixed the problem.

I got back to the basics of tight right elbow at impact and dipping closer to the ground in order to make contact while the right elbow is still tight. This is the “drop and roll” drill I detailed below.

It finally clicked. I feel as if I am hitting it like Joaquín Niemann or Maxwell Moldovan.

To get absurd body turn at impact, one must do the following:

  • Have a tight right upper arm that is in contact with the torso at impact
  • Flex the legs in order to reach the ball on the ground since the arms are not extending or releasing
  • Turn the heck out of the torso

Once you hit it like this a few times, a lightbulb goes off and the brain feels the power and speed. More importantly, however, is the consistent ball striking.

November 27, 2019- by Steven E. Greer, MD

I almost titled this post, “You are never too old to learn from high school golfers” But Stop, Drop, and Roll was more concise.

I was watching the best junior golfer in America, Maxwell Moldovan, who will be attending Ohio State.

He is yet another one of his era with a freakish swing, like Joaquín Niemann and Viktor Hovland. They all have extreme flexes or dips in their transition. I suppose Tiger started it all in the 90’s.

Well, I get into big trouble when I swing with stiff legs. It is ugly. So, I have found this new drop move to be very helpful. I tried it today thinking about feeling as if I was falling in a broken elevator, or zero gravity, as I corkscrewed my body for the turn. Goodness gracious did it work.

Now, I make a huge backswing and stop. Then, I drop. Then, I feel as if I corkscrew turn the body. In reality, all of the above happen at the same time.

Look at the front view how my center of gravity was maintained with a tight upper arm against the ribs. Also, despite feeling as if I dropped too far, I still launched just fine at impact.

I need to work on this and get the last part a bit more refined. I will think about finishing the swing with a right-arm push.

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