That concludes Phase 2 of The Golf Project

September 13, 2019- by Steven E. Greer, MD

It is so interesting how this always happens. The worst days at the range lead to me figuring out the problem. A few days ago, I shanked or hit way-fat an entire bucket (which sometimes means good changes are happening and the hand-eye coordination has to adjust). I slept on it and knew I was still not shifting to the left. I studied indoors how to do this. I started to feel my feet work the ground and ankles roll.

Today, in the video above, the work panned out. I do believe, by golly, that I have finally figured out to make a downswing without flipping and sticking to the right!

I think this concludes Phase 2 of The Golf Project. I know how to do all aspects of the swing. However, executing consistently will be a different story for the next phase.

Phase 3 will be practicing to exorcise my demons. Like an alcoholic, I am a recovering flipper. Under pressure, it will come back.

But even if I fail at Phase 3, I have accomplished something extraordinary. I have asked all of my famous instructors whether they have taken a veteran player with bad habits, like me, and converted them into a proper modern swing. I do believe that I am the first.

Normally, the approach to a player like me would be to spot a major weakness and help the player to compensate. However, I wanted none of that. If I do something, I do it at a high level or I do not do it at all. I endeavored to start from scratch and figure this out. I had a monkey on my back ever since high school.

Of note, I can say for certainty that it is a quantum-level easier to learn golf from the beginning with the help of good coaches. I am envious of the legions of kids learning with modern technology and YouTube tips easily available.

Once the player develops bad habits, it is next to impossible to erase the hard drive. But it can be done. Sure, I had to literally move to Florida to be near good instructors, and have spent a bit of coin on this project, but it is feasible.

Don’t be afraid to seek advice from multiple coaches. I view golf like a football team. There is the head coach and there are the position coaches. Also, there are simply a lot of bad golf instructors out there. Keep searching.

But you own your swing. No one can do it for you. I strongly believe that a rational scientific approach is required. One also must see their swing by filming it. If you understand the swing as well as your instructor, you can fix it when the wheels fall off.

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