The Palm Beach Par-3 course supports my argument that most golfers should be on par-3 courses

February 15, 2020- by Steven E. Greer

I played the Palm Beach Par-3 course today because I wanted to try out my experimental swing. I am advancing a drill I use for short wedges on up to 130-yard or longer shots. I had a good time and saw several things that reinforced my belief that most people should never step foot onto a normal golf course.

First, I was able to have fun because my driver was never used. I am pretty good from 130-yards and closer, so I felt like a pro.

Behind me were three women in their 60’s. They were hitting the greens. Their day must have been enjoyable.

In front of me was a young couple. The woman had a good swing and her mate was a newbie with a bad swing. But they had fun.

Even for the serious golfer, like me, practicing 18 tee shots with short irons, and then some scrambling wedges, really makes you focus on that aspect of the game. When we are on a normal course, we all become obsessed with the stupid driver. The most boring shot in golf is the driver.

You can also walk easily. A par-3 course is about 2,000 yards. Don’t get an electric cart. For that matter, bring three clubs and leave the rest in the car.

Oh, by the way, a round of golf is lighting fast. You can play 18-holes in about an hour.

For all of these reasons, par-3 courses are becoming trendy. The best golf resorts are adding them. Start using them.


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