Go Vegan?

November 3, 2019- by Steven E. Greer, MD

My diet is much better than it used to be. I eat a lot more plants and almost no red meat. I snack on sugary things and alcohol in moderation. But my diet still leaves much to be desired.

There is a good documentary on Amazon and Netflix called The Game Changers. It features Arnold Schwarzenegger and top athletes from NFL, Olympics, UFC, etc. who all went vegan. Their energy and endurance went way up as their cholesterol and inflammation went down.

The only reason I do not eat pure plants now is that I simply do not know what to eat. I have not found vegetables to provide me with enough calories or flavor. But apparently there is a way.

(Of note, politically, there is a reason you see these vegan diets being promoted and why this movie was made. Raising cows requires deforestation. In Florida, the Everglades were drained to raise cows. In Brazil, they burn down the rain forests to raise cows.

However, the argument that cows create methane and increase greenhouse gas is nonsense. Atmospheric CO2 is a zero sum or steady state concept. Animals exhale Co2. They also die and turn into carbon. But this CO2 is turned into plants, which create oxygen, offsetting the CO2.

The argument that cows create more CO2 is used by the propagandists to encourage people to not eat meat. It is counterproductive to the true environmental efforts of real scientists.

For a really bad propaganda movie, watch Leonardo DiCaprio’s Cowspiracy. In contrast, The Game Changers cites peer-reviewed publications and real scientists.)

The real reason to not eat meat is for the personal health benefits, not some lame green house gas benefit. The only way to REVERSE atherosclerosis is to go vegan (or take drugs like Repatha). The fat in your plasma of the blood is cloudy and toxic when you eat meat. Eating just one hamburger before a sporting event decreases performance.

Slowly, I am becoming more vegetarian, not vegan. Avoiding even eggs is required for a vegan diet. I do not want to avoid eggs. Baked goods or pasta without eggs is just nasty.

I now need to find some meal ideas that will provide me with enough calories. A big bowl of lettuce won’t cut it and I do not like beans.

Stay tuned.

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